Reflect, evaluate, strategize, and take action in designing your future.

CareerExplorations lets you participate in the construction of your own personalized program - and take ownership of it. 

We invite you to engage in our latest module on "Embracing the Growth Mindset" as part of our Quarterlife Career Program or as in individual Career Conversation session. Read more below.

  • Find out what's next

    30 min

  • You know where you are, now find out where you are going.

    1 hr

    900 Danish kroner
  • A 5-part personalized program will move you closer to your objectives.

    5 hr

    4,500 Danish kroner
  • 3 online sessions with activities to inspire & organize career targets

    3 hr 30 min

    Contact us for price
  • 3 online sessions with activities to help you manage daily stress

    3 hr

    Contact us for price
  • Become more proactive in managing your work-related stress

    1 hr

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  • A 1-hour webinar about the Quarterlife Journey and how to navigate it.

    1 hr

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  • A 4-session program with our full range of tools to help manage stress

    6 hr

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  • Explore techniques so you can become your own stress manager.

    1 hr 30 min

    1,000 Danish kroner
  • An energizing day with activities to challenge, organize, and inspire.

    6 hr

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  • Topics include personal and work-related stress and wellbeing.

    6 hr

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  • Workshops on topics of personal and work-related stress and wellbeing.

    3 hr

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Amanda, University Student

Amanda, University Student

"When I started the sessions with Anita, I had already had a couple of sabbatical years, but still had no idea what was next. Anita helped me realize exactly which kind of experiences gave me energy and regularly checked up on my progress. Making the course with Anita was a game-changer for me."

Agnes, Consultant / HR & Organizational Culture

"Anita is an excellent listener, empathetic and professional. She helped me reconnect with my values and strengths with great understanding and a personal plan. It was truly a pleasure, during an important time in my life."

Dan, Procurement Specialist

"With Anita’s career coaching you also acquire a new mentor. You feel that you are not alone. Somebody you trust is always there to support you. It's a great feeling and one of the

best investments I have made for myself."

Jesper, Strategy/Digital Transformation

"Anita’s approach and method allows you to thoroughly explore your career options and, actually, better understand yourself. Coupled with her patient and insightful coaching, you receive such invaluable lessons for planning and taking action on your future career path."



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