Anita Ehrhardt
Career Advisor &
Recruitment Professional

I am a certified Career and Stress Management coach with 20+ years of combined experience in
career development, coaching, training, recruitment, and communications.


My qualifications include training and certifications in career as well as stress and wellbeing coaching methods respectively through Career Counselling Services, UK  and the IAFPD in partnership with the British Psychological Society. 

I have earned a ​Master's Degree in Human Resources, Bachelor's Degree in Communication, regularly attend ongoing coaching supervision and am an Affiliate Member of the
International Society for Coaching Psychology.

​I have a passion for helping people overcome obstacles and recognize the strengths that can enable them to experience excitement and purpose in their studies, personal life, or career journey.


If you feel overwhelmed by your current situation or the choices in front of you and if you can relate to any statements below, then sign up for a free online conversation to see if you need to embark on a

Career Exploration.

"I have tried to make a plan for what I want to do next, but I never follow through."

"I am good at many things, so it's hard for me to have one goal."

"I get confused by all the advice and opinions from family and friends about what I should be doing."

"My mind goes blank when I have to think about planning for a future career."


"I am struggling to cope after returning to work from stress leave."

"I am unable to control my worries." or  "Stress is impacting my daily life."


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Career and personal development training for Quarterlife. 

Designed for students and young professionals between 20-35 years.

Explore the strengths, values and resources that will enable you to

be at your best.

Establish an action plan so you feel energized and organized to move towards your career objectives

with confidence.

Personalized online and

in-person sessions


Group workshop

opportunities available. 


Learn how to cope with personal and workplace stress and become your own stress manager.


Take home practical tools and implement proven techniques that will have immediate impact.


Personalized online and

in-person sessions


Group workshop

opportunities available. 


Schedule an initial free 30 minute online conversation to determine which program is right for you.

Conversations in English.

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